The Amprep® platform is not only easy and intuitive but comes with fixed prices so that you can have certainty in your costs. Our subscriptions are per year, and we offer a discount if you pay for the whole year up front.

We have designed the Amprep platform to work with your existing website, but in a standard way. This means that, unless you would like something bespoke,* the cost of setting up your platform is included in the subscription.

We understand that it is very difficult to predict how many submissions your publication will receive in any particular month, so our pricing structure is based on averages over the course of a year. This means that your costs will not spike suddenly just because you have a sudden and temporary spike in submissions**.

To calculate the cost just work out the average number of manuscripts your publication receives each month, and find the relevant price band in the table below.

Average submissions Price per month 1 year up front price
up to 50 $650 $6,500
up to 100 $1,200 $12,500
up to 175 $2,250 $22,500
up to 250 $3,750 $37,500
up to 375 $5,500 $55,000
up to 500 $7,500 $75,000


The above figures are per publication and assume an account holder will have five or less publications. We are always ready to speak to you if your requirements are greater than this about a bespoke solution for your needs.

If your journal regularly receives more than 500 manuscripts per month, click here to inform us of your requirements.

If you are a publisher with more than 5 journals, click here to let us know.

To open an Amprep® account click here.




*We are able to tailor the Amprep platform to your specific requirements, please contact us for details.
**Significantly exceeding the monthly average on a consistent basis will incur additional costs.