Amprep® is a one-stop, fixed cost*, collaborative platform which enables editorial offices, contributors and peer-reviewers of scholarly journals and publications to submit, review and make editorial decisions about manuscripts in an efficient, user-friendly way. It works with your publication's website and if you wish it even appears to be a part of it**.

Amprep breaks down the process of submitting, considering, reviewing and making editorial decisions about papers submitted to scholarly journals, and puts them back together in a single, seamless, easy to use, integrated platform. It takes the administrative burden out of the process, speeding it up and enabling scholars to focus on content.

Amprep has been designed to be used anywhere and on any device***. This means that users can access manuscripts wherever and whenever it is convenient to them. Contributors are taken through a step-by-step process to submit their manuscripts, speeding up the process and reducing errors and incomplete submissions. Our unique viewing screen places everything editors and reviewers need in one place and in a convenient layout, while intuitive homepages enable them to make decisions with a click.

For publishers, Amprep automatically bundles the various parts of a manuscript into a single easy to download directory. Images and videos are not converted from their original format, meaning that there is no degradation in quality.

Please visit the “Platform” section of our site for more details about the Amprep platform.

Amprep is a joint venture between ICR Publishers Ltd and CHP Design Ltd, and has been designed by the publishing industry for the publishing industry. We have worked hard to develop the platform, all the time focusing on its usability. It was first used for the Journal of Heart Valve Disease, and we have taken on board comments and feedback from users to further refine it.


*see our pricing page for details **format perrmitting.  ***browser and harware permitting