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Welcome to Amprep®
Author Manuscript Peer Review Editorial Platform

Streamlining the peer review process

The user friendly, accessible solution for submission, review and publication of scholarly manuscripts. Designed to maximise the throughput of manuscripts and, in turn, the number of articles available for publication.

Key features:

easy upload and file management

Easy File Upload and Management for Authors

Drag and Drop real-time upload and easy file management, streamlining the submission process to minimise manuscript submission time.

easy upload and file management

The Amprep® Reviewer Screen

Your reviewers are experts and their time is precious. The reviewer screen provides easy cross referencing of manuscript details all in one place on the same screen. Functions include one-click, on-screen maximising of text and images for convenient display of detailed information.

Publisher tools for easy typesetting

Convenient output for typesetting

Files are provided separately, not all grouped as part of single larger file, and all available via a single click archive download. The studio is informed when a manuscript is published and has it's own login to download the required information as soon as they are informed.