The Amprep° platform has been designed to work anywhere and on almost any device. It enables contributors to submit manuscripts and monitor their progress with ease. It enables editors to make decisions with a single click, and it enables reviewers to consider manuscripts and submit reviews instantaneously. It takes much of the time and most of the administrative burden out of running an editorial office, minimising the time asked of contributors, editors and reviewers. Of course, we have designed failsafes and checks at each stage to minimise errors and unintended actions.

We have designed a sequence of videos which show you how the platform works and what it is capable of.

Every user has a homepage where they can:

  • See all of the manuscripts which they need to work on
  • See the history of manuscripts they have worked on
  • Update their personal details
  • Go to manuscripts with a single click

The submission process is a simple, step-by-step one. It has been designed to help contributors ensure that at each stage they have uploaded all that they need to, reducing incomplete submissions and errors. Contributors can:

  • Upload files in most common formats
  • Save manuscripts part way through submission and come back to them later
  • Review manuscripts after they have been submitted
  • Withdraw manuscripts if they find an error, or for any reason
  • Monitor the progress of their manuscripts

 Editors have their own homepage from where they can:

  • Go to manuscripts with a single click
  • Assign reviewers and make editorial decisions with a click
  • Monitor the progress of manuscripts under consideration
  • Email authors and reviewers directly from the screen
  • Send manuscripts for publication with a click

Reviewers have their own homepage from where they can:

  • Go to manuscripts with a single click
  • Decline a review
  • Confirm recommendations to accept, decline or amend a paper

Our unique viewing screen enables editors and reviewers to view each part of the manuscript in a separate box on a single screen, without the need to download files*, with boxes for comments and reviews. This means that:

  • editors and reviewers work directly from the screen
  • there is no need to scroll up and down in a file to find figures or references
  • reviews submitted directly, no need to prepare and submit a separate document
  • corresponding authors can be emailed directly from the screen

The Amprep platform has been designed to take the time and burden of keeping people informed out of the process of collecting and editing content:

  • Contributors automatically receive emails confirming receipt of manuscripts
  • Editors automatically receive emails telling them that a new manuscript has been submitted or review received, with a link directly to the platform
  • Reviewers automatically receive emails telling them that they have been asked to review a manuscript, with a link directly to the platform
  • Reviews for authors are automatically inserted into messages to authors about those reviews
  • Homepages have a manuscript’s history listed next to the manuscript details

When the process is complete, editors can send manuscripts for publication with a click. Publishers can download those manuscripts in their separate parts for copy editing and typesetting. Because images and video files are downloaded in their original format there is no degradation in quality.


*Some users may encounter some issues with certain mobile and older browsers. Currently videos need to be downloaded to be viewed.